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3D Wooden World Maps for Wall - World Map Puzzle Multicolor&Multiyared
Wooden Cork World Map with Pins - Add Travel Photos
3D Wooden World Maps for Wall - Travel Map with Pins, Grey Wall Art
3D Wooden World Maps for Wall - Travel Map with Pins, Tuana Wall Art
Map of The World, 3D Wooden on Metal Multilayered - World Map Pin Board Wood
3D Wooden World Map For Wall - Yellow
Metal & 3D Wooden World Map Wall Art | Multilayered - Multicolor
3D Wooden World Map For Wall - Betul
Wooden World Map 3D Multilayered , Pin Adventures & Home Decors
UV Printed Metal World Map Wall Art
Blank World Map Wall Art - Black Metal Wall Decor
3D Wooden World Map For Wall - Burgundy
Wooden Cork World Map with Pins - Add Travel Photos (White)
Wooden World Map - Wood on Metal Multilayered Wooden Wall Art Multicolor
Wooden World Map - Wood on Metal Multilayered Wood Wall Art Light Brown
Wooden World Map - Wood on Metal Multilayered Wood Wall Art Dark Brown
Wooden World Map - Wood on Metal Multilayered Wooden Wall Art (Tuana)
Wooden World Map - Wood on Metal Multilayered Wooden Wall Art (Betul)
My World - UV Printed Metal My World Wall Art | View from Space

Wooden world map is our wall decoration design that we produce to make an original, modern and aesthetic touch to your space. While making a different touch to your walls with our 3d wooden world map, we want to open the door for you to explore and sail to new adventures. During this discovery, it will be very easy to determine your route with the wooden world map with pins!
The inspiration of new ideas while designing our wooden world maps allows us to produce a wide variety of country maps. Wooden USA map, wooden map of Italy and many other countries that we cannot count make up our country collection.
As Colorfullworlds family, beyond producing wooden world map for the wall, we want to offer you a colorful world that reflects all the light in you. For this reason, we continue to produce colorful world maps with the excitement of the first day.

Wooden World Maps are Colorful and Varied: Just Like Us...

Wooden world maps are produced with the idea of taking place in every corner of your home and office and inspiring your decoration. With the desire to realize this, we are trying to create a rich variety and different sizes and we aim to make it bigger and bigger every day.

What Are Our Wooden World Map Types?

We have some reference points when classifying our wooden world map. The references we focus on allow our maps to vary in 3 ways. These are:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Design

What Colors Are Our Wooden World Maps?

Our wooden world maps consist of 5 basic colors:

  • Mixed
  • Betul
  • Tuana
  • Walnut- lightbrown
  • Wenge- darkbrown

In addition to these five basic colors, we have 3 alternatives that can offer a visual color feast for your walls:

With this variety of colors, it will be very easy to find a map suitable for every room of your home and every piece of furniture in your office.

What Size Are Our Wooden World Maps?

Our wooden world map consist of 4 different sizes:

  • 100x54 cm | 39x21 inches
  • 150x80 cm | 59x31 inches
  • 200x107 cm | 79x41 inches
  • 250x135 cm | 98.4x53.2 inches

Thanks to these options, you can easily decorate the walls of both your large spaces and narrow spaces with our 3d wooden world map.

Which Designs Do We Use in Our Wooden World Map?

Our primary goal when designing our wooden world map is to give you the product you want or imagine. As we move forward with this purpose, our world maps gain diversity over time. We can classify these designs as follows:

  • Multilayer 3D Wooden World Map: With this three-dimensional map, you can easily harmonize with all kinds of decorative elements as well as add depth to your space. With this map consisting of many pieces, you can have a kind of puzzle wooden world map.
  • World Map Framed Wall Chart Cork Board - Country Name World Map Home Office Wall Decor: With this three-piece cork map, you can give both your office and home a stylish, modern and aesthetic look. You can attach any notes and photos you want on your map with the map nails included in the product box.
  • 3D Multilayer Framed Wooden World Map Home and Office Decor: 3D Wooden World Map is a distinctive and eye-catching piece for your home and office. With the ocean theme in the background, you can add a fresh and stylish touch to your wall. This adds spaciousness and originality to your interior.

Why Wooden World Map are Popular for Home Decor?

Wooden world map are popular because they are not just wall decor. As well as an aesthetic appearance:

  • It is an educational tool that broadens our horizons.
  • It is a long-lasting product with a quality material.
  • It is a motivational tool that allows us to set goals.
  • It has an installation that allows us to have fun with our friends or family.
  • It is compatible with most decoration styles, including vintage, rustic, Scandinavian and modern.

The wooden world map is not only a popular and trendy product, but also a piece that appeals to the wanderlust in all of us, making it a valuable addition to any time and any space. The combination of its ability to harmonize with various decoration styles, its educational aspect and its visual appeal is the reason why the wooden world map is widely preferred. It is obvious that it will continue to be a preferred choice for those who want to add a touch of the world to their personal or professional spaces.

How to Care and Clean a Wooden World Map?

The maintenance of the wooden world map is very simple. Wood is a strong, durable and long-lasting material. When you care and clean it properly, you can use your wooden map for many years. You can complete its maintenance with simple procedures such as keeping it away from high heat and humidity and dusting it with a slightly damp cloth.

Who Can Be Given a Wooden World Map as a Gift?

The wooden world map can be gifted to anyone who wants to have a modern, different and original design in their home or office. It is a perfect choice for the following:

  • Travel enthusiasts
  • Geography enthusiasts
  • Art lovers
  • Intellectuals
  • Adventurers
  • Educators

Wooden world map are a thoughtful way to inspire exploration and curiosity, making it more than just a decorative piece.

Does a Wooden World Map Go Well with Modern Home Decor?

A wooden world map is definitely a great option for modern home decor. A colorful world map and a 3D design add color, vitality and depth to modern interiors. The wooden 3D world map for wall blends seamlessly with contemporary decor, proving that traditional and natural materials and modern aesthetics can be blended and carried forward.
All in all, the 3D wooden world map stands out as a versatile and intriguing design. It's not just for decorating a space, but for creating a comfortable and relaxing space for you to explore the world in the comfort of your own home. Whether you choose a wooden world map puzzle for learning by doing or a wooden world map with pins to keep track of your travels, these maps allow you to bring your personality to your living or working environment.
With personalized titles you can create for your wall maps, you can also enjoy the pleasure of having a personalized product.

Why Should You Prefer Colorfullwords Brand in Wooden World Map?

It is as important to decide on the company you will supply the product as it is to determine the product you will choose as a wooden world map. As Colorfullworlds family, we have a rich collection not only with our world maps but also with our country maps. We can list our country maps with 70 different options in wood and metal as follows:

  • North America Country Maps
  • South America Country Maps
  • Europe Country Maps
  • Asia Country Maps

As Colorfullworlds brand, we exhibit a sensitive and devoted work in each of the design, production, transportation and distribution processes. In addition to making you happy, it is our priority for you to have the product you dream of in the easiest and fastest way.
We can list our features that you should consider for you to prefer our brand as follows:

  • Use of environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable materials,
  • Use of health-compliant materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances,
  • Effective and flawless customer communication,
  • Precise and flawless workmanship,
  • Careful packaging,
  • Fast delivery,
  • Smooth returns.