Puerto Rico: The Hidden Paradise of the Caribbean

puerto-rico-culebra-islandPuerto Rico is an enchanting island located in the Caribbean and is a territory of the United States. Known for its unique culture, history, and natural beauty, Puerto Rico offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Throughout its history, Puerto Rico has hosted many civilizations. First settled by the Taino people, the island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. Later, under Spanish colonies, Puerto Rico came under the sovereignty of the United States in 1898. This historical process has deepened and enriched the island's cultural fabric.

Puerto Rico reflects a magnificent blend of Latin, Spanish, and American cultures. Music, dance, and culinary traditions best represent this diversity. Salsa and reggaeton rhythms can be heard on every corner, while local flavors like mofongo and lechón asado delight the taste buds.

Puerto Rico Travel Guide: Capital, Cities, Culture, and Cuisine

Puerto Rico, with its unique culture, breathtaking landscapes, and historical texture, is a paradise waiting to be discovered. This captivating island leaves visitors in awe with its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

In this blog, you will discover every detail of Puerto Rico, from its capital San Juan to its delicious local dishes. If you dream of a tropical vacation and want to witness Puerto Rico's colorful festivals, warm climate, and friendly people, you are in the right place.

Get ready to explore Puerto Rico together!

Capital and Prominent Cities of Puerto Rico

San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, is the largest and most important city on the island. San Juan is known for its historical texture, vibrant nightlife, and stunning beaches. The Old San Juan area, with its pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets, gives travelers the feeling of time travel.

After San Juan, the second-largest city on the island is Ponce, famous for its historical buildings and cultural events. You can visit tourist attractions like Parque de Bombas and enjoy the sea view at La Guancha Boardwalk.

Located on the western coast, Mayaguez is known for its universities and research centers. Additionally, it is an ideal destination for nature lovers with its tropical botanical gardens and natural beauty.

What is the Currency of Puerto Rico?

The official currency of Puerto Rico is the US Dollar (USD).

When to Visit Puerto Rico?

The best time to visit Puerto Rico is from December to April. During this period, rainfall is minimal, and temperatures are ideal for sightseeing.

In the summer months, the amount of rainfall increases, and there is a risk of hurricanes, making travel during this period more risky.

What to Eat in Puerto Rico? Culinary Stops and Highlighted Flavors


Puerto Rican cuisine is famous for its rich and diverse flavors. The island's most famous dish, mofongo, is made from mashed fried green plantains and is typically served with meat, chicken, or seafood.

Other popular dishes include arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas), tostones (fried green plantains), and lechón asado (roast pork).

Seafood is also prevalent in Puerto Rico, with fresh fish, squid, and shrimp commonly consumed.

Puerto Rican Culture: Colorful Festivals and Traditions

Puerto Rican culture is formed by a blend of Spanish, African, and Taino (indigenous) influences. Many colorful festivals and religious events are held on the island.

One of the most famous festivals is the San Sebastian Street Festival, held in January in San Juan, offering a celebration filled with music, dance, and local food.

What is the Dominant Religion in Puerto Rico?

The dominant religion in Puerto Rico is Catholicism, and many religious holidays and events are celebrated.

Important religious holidays like Christmas and Easter are celebrated with enthusiasm on the island, fostering community unity.

Puerto Rican Climate: Weather in the Tropical Paradise

Puerto Rico has a tropical climate. Warm and humid weather prevails year-round, with average temperatures ranging between 24°C and 28°C. Rainfall is typically concentrated in the summer months. These climate features make the island visitable year-round, but the dry season is considered the ideal period for visiting.

Where is Puerto Rico Located on the World Map?


Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean, at the eastern end of the Greater Antilles. It lies at the intersection of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, southeast of the North American continent. This strategic location makes Puerto Rico an important hub for both maritime and air transportation.

Puerto Rico is surrounded by the Dominican Republic to the west and the Virgin Islands to the east. Despite its small size, Puerto Rico's geographical location makes it both a tropical paradise and a cultural melting pot. As a territory of the United States, it is one of the exotic destinations that US citizens can travel to without a visa.

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