The Gift Must Have Something to do with Happiness

Gift is a concept almost as old as human history. From past to present, there is a culture of gifting in all societies, albeit in different forms. Although the shapes are different, the gift creates the same effect on all of us: Happiness... 


A gift that serves to strengthen our relationships is sometimes an expression of love, sometimes an expression of thanks or appreciation. Making special days more meaningful, leaving unforgettable memories, and making us happy by making us happy are easier thanks to gifts. Finding the right gift is just as important as crowning an untimely, sudden feeling with a nice surprise.

Research shows that giving gifts releases more happiness hormones than receiving gifts. The thought of making someone happy and the process of preparing the gift prolongs the time we release dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

As Colorfullworlds family, we are inspired by the thought of making you and your loved ones happy while preparing our designs.

What Should We Consider When Choosing a Gift?


We all experience some hesitation when buying a gift. We want our gift to be appreciated and we want to make the person we are giving it to happy and satisfied. In order to overcome this concern, we need to take some points into consideration. We can list them as follows:

  • Getting to know the person to whom we will give the gift, knowing his/her interests and needs
  • Making a choice appropriate to the meaning of the day we will give the gift
  • Choosing a suitable gift by determining our budget
  • Supporting the gift giver with a surprising surprise
  • Wrapping the gift neatly and beautifully
  • Respecting the sensitivities of the person to whom we will give the gift

    Who Should Receive a Gift?

    A gift is an indication of love, appreciation, sincere apology and gratitude, and it is also very effective in strengthening interpersonal relationships and establishing social ties. We can buy a gift for someone we love and care about, or we exchange gifts with people with whom we have common ground in business and social life. In fact, the culture of gifting is so widespread today that the people we can buy gifts for can create a long list. If we list them briefly:

    • Family members: Mother, father, spouse, children, siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, aunts and cousins...
    • Friends
    • Dear
    • Our colleagues, our employers
    • Teachers
    • We can name people who have helped us in one way or another.

      How Diverse Gift Ideas Are

      Although the tastes, interests and needs of the other person are the focal point for us in the process of deciding on a gift, the meaning of the day we will give the gift is also one of the determining factors in our choice. Sometimes we make special occasions an occasion to show our love, thanks, gratitude or appreciation. So what are these occasions and which gifts are the best ones to choose?

      Birthday Gift

      When choosing a birthday gift, the person's tastes, interests, hobbies and curiosity about technological gadgets can give us many gift ideas. Our gift can be a smart watch, jewelry, a book, a decoration product or an event ticket for a concert or theater. If this person is someone we know well, it would also be a good idea to give them something they need or something they want to buy but can't.

      Mother's Day Gift


      Mother's Day is a very valuable day both to make us feel our love and gratitude to our mother and to show her that we are aware of the sacrifices she has made. Personal care products and home decoration products are frequently preferred as Mother's Day gifts. A gift preference can also be made according to our mother's interests and needs.

      Father's Day Gifts


      When it comes to Father's Day gifts, perfume and shirt options always come to mind. Recently, technological gadgets have also been added to this. But with the changing and developing world, I think it is necessary to go beyond these clichés. For adventurous and broad-minded fathers, it would be a very appropriate choice to put the Colorfullworlds Multilayer 3D Wooden World Map at the top of the list. I am sure this gift will look great in your father's study or office!

      Anniversary Gift


      Anniversaries are one of the most important and meaningful days of a couple's life. While you can choose a nice dinner, a short vacation plan and elegant gifts, it would be very meaningful and accurate to choose a personalized gift.

      You can create a unique gift by adding the text and dates you want to the map of the place where you first met your loved one or where you decided to get married. This gift will remain on the wall of your home as an unforgettable memory for a lifetime.

      Christmas Gift


      New Year's Eve is one of the days celebrated with enthusiasm both in our country and around the world. Preparations for welcoming a new year last for days in some cultures, and in this preparation process, New Year-themed products and concepts attract a lot of attention. As we enter a new year with good wishes and wishes, happiness is shared by exchanging gifts on this happy day.

      In the new year, you can evaluate the metal spiral Christmas tree and ornaments, which you can buy for your own home or give as a house gift to someone you love, as a quality and stylish design product.

      Valentine's Day Gift


      Valentine's Day is one of the days celebrated with excitement in our country and all over the world... You can make this beautiful day more special with special and meaningful gifts you give to your loved one. With the gift you prefer, you can not only make your lover feel special, but also reveal the value you give to him in the best way. A personalized gift will be the perfect gift for this.

      The Gift is the Key to Timeless Happiness

      When it comes to gifts, we all think of special occasions such as birthdays, New Year's, Valentine's Day, but in fact, timeless and unexpected gifts make us happier. Regardless of the content of the gift, just being a surprise is a reason for happiness in itself.

      On special occasions, the thought of not being like everyone else, not giving a cliché gift and going out of the ordinary can make us feel under pressure. Also, the fact that gifting is perceived as an obligation for certain occasions can reduce our desire to receive gifts. But we all know that what really makes a gift meaningful is a sincere intention and sensitivity to the feelings, thoughts and wishes of the other person.

      To summarize briefly...


      A gift is a beautiful bridge that allows us to build personal and social bonds as well as making both the other person and ourselves happy. Knowing the tastes, interests, wishes and needs of the person to whom we will give a gift allows us to make the right choice. There is no way that a gift chosen with care and sincerity will not make the other person happy.

      As Colorfullworlds family, we prepare our products by considering all these sensitivities and hope to be a bridge where happiness is shared in your life.