When is Mother's Day? How can we celebrate this special day in 2024?


Mother's Day is just around the corner. Are we ready to give our mothers, the crown of our heads, a proper celebration? Mother's Day is approaching, where we can show our love and gratitude to our beloved mother, our reason for being, our unconditional lover, whose support we always feel.

When is Mother's Day?

Of course, there is no single day to express our love for our mothers, but Mother's Day is a good occasion to show that we have not forgotten her, that we are aware of her sacrifice and that we appreciate her. It is our sincerest desire to honor our mother and make her smile on Mother's Day.

When is Mother's Day in May or is Mother's Day May 14th? are among the frequently asked questions. Although Mother's Day is a very well-known and highly celebrated day, it has a confusing date. The reason for this is that the date celebrated every year varies.

Mother's Day, which we celebrated on May 14 last year, will be celebrated on May 12, 2024 this year. Since Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year, this year our celebration calendar shows May 12.

So why do we celebrate Mother's Day in the second week of May?

What is the Story of Mother's Day? To What Do We Owe Such a Day?


Mother's Day is certainly a very special day for us to show our love and devotion to our mothers who brought us into the world, raised us and brought us up.

On this special day, we should not only express our gratitude to our own mothers. We should not forget that the day of all the mothers and mothers-to-be who have touched our lives and whom we think motherhood suits or will suit us well is also worth celebrating.

As a matter of fact, the story that Anna Jarvis started to commemorate her deceased mother was actually about giving all mothers in the world the value they deserve. What started out as a way to draw attention to the role of women in society and the sacrifice of motherhood has turned into Mother's Day, which is celebrated all over the world.

Anna Jarvis' mother was a teacher and an anti-war activist. She died on the second Sunday of May 1905. After this loss, Anna Jarvis developed the idea of creating a special day for mothers and started a movement for this purpose.

In 1908, the first Mother's Day celebration was officially recognized in 1914 thanks to Anna Jarvis' diligent work and was accepted worldwide.

Since then, Mother's Day continues to be celebrated as an expression of our love, appreciation and thanks to our mothers.

What Can We Do to Celebrate Mother's Day?

Mother's Day gives us a good opportunity to show our love for our mother. We can make her feel that we are aware of her love, understanding, patience and devotion. We can also express our gratitude to her.

Here are some celebration suggestions for our mothers, the reason for our existence:

Start Mother's Day with a Special Breakfast!

How about a good start to the morning of Mother's Day? You can start by preparing a special breakfast for your mom. You can show your love for her with her favorite breakfast foods, rich varieties and elaborate presentations.

Make Time for Her on Mother's Day!

Spending time with your mom on Mother's Day is one of the most valuable gifts you can give her. You can go for a walk together, have a coffee in a nice place, shop or just chat.

Gift Her a Short Vacation on Mother's Day!

You can go beyond preparing a nice surprise for your mother with a short vacation on Mother's Day. In addition to making your mother extremely happy, you can give her the opportunity to rest and take time for herself.

Arrange an Organization to Make Her Happy on Mother's Day!

On Mother's Day, you can organize a dinner or picnic for your mother, including the people she loves. This way, you can not only make her happy, but also ensure that she has a pleasant time.

A must for Mother's Day: Colorful Flowers

On Mother's Day, one of the most beautiful gifts for our mother, who makes our lives like flowers, is flowers. Flowers will be very meaningful as they reflect the purest and most natural form of love.

The fact that there are so many options in flower selection will also make it easier for us to make a choice according to our mother's taste.

Give Her a Beautiful Gift on Mother's Day!

A gift is a good way to make Mother's Day more meaningful, to express our love for our mother and to show our gratitude.

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Metal table and shelf decorations will be the perfect choice as an original, stylish and meaningful gift for working moms!

When choosing a gift for your mom, don't forget to make sure that this product is suitable for your mom's personality and home decoration style!

Mark Mother's Day on Your Agenda Already!

Mother's Day is a special day when we can show our love and express our gratitude to our mothers. Not only to our own mothers, but also to all the mothers and expectant mothers we cherish!

Mark the date of May 12, 2024, the second Sunday in May, in your agendas already! Start making plans to make this special day unforgettable!

As the colorfullworlds family, we are working with all our strength to ensure that each mother celebrates this special day the way she deserves. We continue to design products worthy of them.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who we remember not just one day but every day, who surround us with their unconditional love, who give us strength with their presence!