Colorfulworlds Wooden Map World: A Symphony of Splendor, Elegance and Aesthetics

We would like to introduce you to the smell of wood and its fascinating effect. Scientific research shows that the smell of wood contributes positively to human life. Thanks to the benefits of this scent, Colorfullworlds offers a multi-layered journey in its decoration. Bring the smell of wood to your walls and add aesthetics and meaning to your home with world, country, city and personalized maps. Offering exotic gift options for special occasions, Colorfullworlds promises unique gifts with different size and color options. Take a new journey in wooden map decoration with Colorfullworlds with the production and presentation of 3D, multi-layered, colorful maps and the benefits of using decorative maps in schools and workplaces.

The Smell of Wood and Its Fascinating Effect; The Decoration of My Childhood

I remember it like it was yesterday, or perhaps it would be more elegant to say that it is impossible for me to forget. As a child, when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, with a little bit of my family's livelihood problems and the substance or element that I called wood at the time. I met the dust, sawdust and smell of wood, one of the so-called 4 elements of nature, which was later engraved in our memories with Cem Yılmaz's character Arif Işık in G.O.R.A., in a furniture factory workshop in the Ostim region of Ankara in the 90s.

Now, a long time has passed, and as one of those who is over 4X10 years old, I have to visit Ostim from time to time. Ostim has developed even more, fortunately I don't come across child labor anymore, many new facilities have been built, business approaches have changed with the advancement of technology, but there is one thing that has not been affected by the change. Especially when you pass through the places where furniture is made from sawn and stiffened wood, and when you step into the decorations where works of art made with wood are produced, a light, warm and peaceful smell comes to your nose. This is the nostalgic smell from my childhood, the smell of wood, one of the purest and most impressive smells of nature.

The Scientific Impact of Wood Odor and Its Positive Contributions to Life:

  • The Scientific Impact of Wood Odor,

Since the sense of smell is directly linked to the parts of the brain that deal with memory and emotions (Priform cortex and Limbic System) in a different way than other senses, it directly affects human behavior, directs habits, and can lead to unexpected emotional reactions. It can recreate movie frames from the past over and over again.

When the smell from the environment reaches the olfactory center in the brain, the brain decodes the smell based on the codes acquired through previous experiences, and tries to match it with smells it has known before. The brain remembers the accumulated experiences related to this smell. Smell is a stimulant that makes a place special in the environments where we live and visit.

Due to its triggering effect on human behavior and attitudes that cannot be ignored, relevant companies try to make maximum use of this sense in their marketing strategy.

Some scents can instantly take us back to the past, revive fading memories and evoke intense emotions. The smell of wood is a candidate to be one of these unique sensations. Scientific research has proven that the scent of wood, which expresses the 3S's, namely simplicity, warmth and sincerity, instills peace and confidence in people. When I examined the scientific literature on the subject in general, I learned that this effect of the smell of wood, which contributes positively to human psychology, is due to organic compounds called "terpenes" naturally produced by trees.

Terpenes are chemicals naturally produced by trees and have many beneficial properties. Research shows that inhaling terpenes or smelling wood has many benefits.

  • Benefits of Wood Smell,

We can summarize the benefits of inhaling terpenes or the smell of wood in many areas of our daily lives, which have many more benefits in the researches conducted.

  1. Contributes to working and learning performance by increasing concentration,
  2. It reduces stress and anxiety and instills peace and confidence,
  3. It improves human psychology, the general mood,
  4. It strengthens memory and cognitive functions and triggers memories,
  5. It can help you get a more restful sleep by improving sleep quality,
  6. With its pungent effect, it can be useful for the respiratory tract.

    Multilayered Cruising in Colorfullworlds Decoration:

    Bring the Scent of Wood to Your Walls with Colorfullworlds

    Colorfullworlds, whose brand awareness is rapidly increasing not only in Turkey but also in many different parts of the world with the service it offers to its unique special patrons-customers, takes advantage of this interesting effect of the smell of wood.

    It offers exclusive, quality products to its travelers who discover the truth of things with many decorative products, especially multi-layered wall maps.

    The Meaning and Aesthetics of World, Country, City and Personalized Maps,

    Colorfullworlds' wide range of products includes world maps, country maps, city maps and personalized maps made to order.

    1. Wooden world, continent, country, city and street maps,
    2. Personalized Two Layer Street Maps,
    3. Personalized Three Layer Wooden Street Map City Maps,
    4. Personalized Wooden Location Maps,
    5. Multilayer City Maps and
    6. I recommend you check out the map accessories.

      An Exotic Choice You Can Gift To Your Loved On Special Days,

      A Unique Gift with Different Size and Color Options,

      Colorfullworlds workshop offers its valued customers different size and color options to suit your home or office decor and taste.

      Colorful Worlds maps and wooden products are a surprise option that you can gift to your loved ones on special occasions. You can make your friends happy with these meaningful gifts on special occasions such as Valentine's Day, anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Holidays or New Year.

      Personalized Maps,

      Colorfulworlds maps differ from a simple decoration object with the meaningful touch of its employees. It can become one of the most meaningful ways to express your feelings and special memories to your loved ones.

      You can create a colorful home decoration with Personalized City Map Poster Table Models.

      You can keep the places of special memories you have with your loved ones alive on your walls by turning them into a wooden map, a painting.

      You can surprise your loved ones on special occasions such as anniversaries, Valentine's Day, birthdays and offer a meaningful gift. You can add your special messages, unforgettable dates and coordinates to the maps.

      Please close your eyes and imagine, you are looking for a special birthday gift for your spouse or someone you care about. While searching online, you come across Colorfullworlds' personalized wooden maps and decide to have a map made showing the cafe where you first met your loved one.

      After placing your order, the map arrives within a few days. When you open the carefully wrapped premium (high quality) package, you are mesmerized by the smell of wood. The map takes its place in the most beautiful corner of your home and every time you look at it, it reminds you of the day we first met.

      Production and Presentation of Dimensional (3D), Multilayer Color Maps,
      Colorfulworlds maps are not just a flat map, but a 3D and multi-layered work of art. Using different colors and wood types, these maps can add a unique touch to your walls. The maps, which attract attention with their meticulous workmanship and original design, are produced from carefully selected high quality woods with laser cutting technique.

      The staff at Colorfulworlds knows the story behind each map and wooden product. Therefore, they prepare each product with great care and love. The happiness and satisfaction of their customers is the greatest reward for Colorfulworlds.

      Other Works of Colorfulworlds: Wall Home Decorations and Decoration Products
      Colorfullworlds offers its customers not only maps, but also a wide range of unique, high-quality and beautiful handmade and laser-cut artworks for home and office decoration, taking into account the harmony of color and space. These products are prepared with special designs, natural materials and careful packaging. In addition to wooden decors, there are also metal decors, book holders, accessories including table and shelf decors and gift sets.

      Especially in the rare pieces where metal and wood are blended together, I can say that it is a pioneer in the sector in terms of wooden maps on metal.

      You can easily obtain artworks that are ideal gifts for customers to express themselves to their loved ones, to create awareness, to make family members and office mates or employees happy.

      Decorative Maps Used in Schools and Institutions / Workplaces and Benefits
      The use of visual, tactile materials in educational and institutional settings encourages the reinforcement of knowledge and increases motivation. In this context, three-dimensional (3D), multi-layered and multi-colored world maps offer many advantages over traditional flat maps and can contribute significantly to work, reading environments and corporate unity.

      Assembling these maps with the cooperation of family members or office workers strengthens the spirit of unity and solidarity. It positively influences employees' sense of involvement in the overall plan and goals of the company or organization.

      Conclusion Continuing the Journey with Colorfullworlds in Wooden Map Decoration.

      Dear reader who is interested in wood arts and decorative works, especially 3D maps, the smell of wood is one of the unique and mysterious gifts offered to mankind.

      The exotic smell of the wood workshop in the place I visited to visit my friends from Colorfullworlds brought back memories of my childhood. The unity of the company's managers and employees, the family-like atmosphere, the design, the meticulous production and the zeal to present to its distinguished customers attracted me so much that I am writing this article to express my feelings.

      Are you ready to enter the world of colorful layered wood? Are you ready to sip peace in the symphony of splendor, elegance and aesthetics in the decor of Colorfulworlds maps and other distinguished works?

      Let's meet the colorful world of Colorfulworlds and keep our memories fresh by decorating our walls and office decors with meaningful and harmonious stories.

      You can visit our website for more information. We kindly ask you not to hesitate to contact us.