Wooden & Metal World Maps: Contemporary Interior Designs


Being conscious about what you put on your wall is of utmost importance in creating a unique atmosphere when considering the intricacies of interior design. While classic framed wall arts and canvases have been a staple for years, there's a new trend that's capturing the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide: Wooden Wall Arts and Maps. One such exquisite example is the Wooden Multilayered World Map available at ColorfullWorlds as shown on the right. But what makes these wooden pieces stand out from their traditional counterparts? Let's have a quick dive into the details together.

1. The Alluring Beauty of Three Dimensions:

Unlike flat framed arts or canvases, wooden wall arts, especially those that are multilayered, offer a 3D appeal. The layers are able to generate depth as they cast shadows and add various dynamic elements to your wall. This depth can make a space feel more alive and interactive by design.

    2. Natural Warmth:

    Wood, by its very nature, exudes warmth. The grain-like motifs, the disparity between various colors, and twists and loops create a natural feel inside the comfort of your home. This organic feel can make a room feel cozier and more inviting compared to the often cold and impersonal feel of printed art or canvases.

      3. Durability:

      Wood is sturdy and long-lasting. While framed arts or canvases can fade, tear, or get damaged, wooden wall arts are resilient. They can withstand environmental factors like humidity better than paper or canvas.

        4. Versatility:

        Wooden wall arts, especially maps, can be both decorative and educational. For instance, a wooden world map with states and capitals can serve as a conversation starter, a learning tool for kids, and a stunning piece of art, all in one.

          5. Eco-Friendly:

          With sustainability becoming a significant concern, wooden wall arts made from responsibly sourced wood can be an eco-friendly choice. They don't involve the use of plastics or other non-biodegradable materials commonly found in frames or canvases.


          6. Unique Craftsmanship:

          Each wooden wall art piece is a proof to the craftsman's skills. The intricate details, precision cuts, and finishing touches showcase the artistry involved, making each piece unique.

            7. Timeless Style:

            Wood, with its eternal charm, remains as a persistent contender of interior design as the popularity of canvases and framed arts dwindle by the day as style trends change throughout the years. A wooden wall art or map can seamlessly fit into both modern and traditional interiors, ensuring it never goes out of style.

              8. A Fresh Alternative to Canvases:

              Old-fashioned canvases, while beautiful, can sometimes lack depth and dimension. Wooden wall arts, with their layered designs and tactile nature, offer a refreshing alternative. They bring a sense of texture and richness that canvases often miss.

              In conclusion, while classic framed wall arts and canvases have their charm, wooden wall arts and maps offer a fresh, innovative, and sustainable alternative. They are not just pieces of decoration but are statements of style, craftsmanshipeco-consciousness and act as a more interactive form of interior design as one can assemble wooden maps however they please while adding his/her personal touches through using pins, photos, various wooden shapes and so much more. So, the next time you think of revamping your wall decor, consider the warm, durable, and versatile beauty of wooden wall arts.